About us

Brillantina is a craft company founded in 2007 by Andrea Parodi and Szilvia Mahr, conceived initially as a small workshop for the production of the first women’s handbags collections, and the quick response of the public has led to the products promotion in a larger scale with the presence at various fairs like Mipel and Macef in Milan, Premiere Classe in Paris and Pure in London, which are the main windows for seasonal Brillantina collections. The success of Brillantina is youthful and lively style that captures the audience that wants to have fun giving himself some accessory carefree and cheerful, expression of the search for a harmonious, immediate, almost therapeutic beauty.

The personality of Brillantina  is completed by quality of manufacturing and its components, its carefully crafted production, followed in each phase, and the meticulous research and creation of raw materials.

The offered products lines now treat as well as bags, accessories such as clutch bags made ​​with our exclusive designs, necklaces-scarf representing an absolute news and protected by copyright, hats and stoles.

Szilvia Máhr

Creative and production department

Brillantina style is the result of creativity, originality and passion of the designer Szilvia Máhr that she was formed at the University of Applied Arts in Budapest and gave different specializations in Helsinki (Finland) and in Italy, and has collaborated with several designers and fashion studies before founding Brillantina.